My teachings are rooted in the following 4 ideologies.

Sensuality, Sexuality, Selfishness, Sovereignty.

Sensuality: the condition of being pleasing / pleased byway of the senses.
Mindfulness when it comes to the senses: scent, taste, sight, touch, sound.

Sexuality: sexual energy is the highest form of transmutable energy, it's how we create wealth, happiness, love & health.
Sexual Energy is creative energy.

Selfishness: mastering self, possessing self awareness.
How one chooses to present themselves to the world.

Sovereignty: supreme power & authority over oneself and one's reality.

In order to create the most desirable reality possible, you must implement my ideologies.

Your work will be unique to you, what I offer is an outline of skills & tools for you to wok with.

With the skills and tools, you will learn how to identify and hone in on your
Divine Lady Magic.

Whilst honing in on and mastering your Divine Lady Magic, you will use it to
Weaponize Your Femininity.

Your “Divine Lady Magic” is your sensuality and sexuality. it’s your highest state of femininity, it’s when you are most aligned with your highest self. It’s how you seduce, woo, captivate and allure.

Weaponizing Your Femininity” means to create the life that you desire by using your sensuality {senses}, sexuality {creativity} and selfishness {making sure all of your decisions best serve you}

Lilith's Message To The Feminine *snippet*

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What Femininity Means to Me

The more vulnerable I become, the more I surrender to what is. The more powerful I get, the more unstoppable I feel. The happier I feel, the more content and secure I feel within myself.

I'm talking about fully standing in my superpower, which is my femininity. It's not about the way I dress or about the makeup. It's not about how I relate to men but about the way I operate from the heart. It's about listening to and following my intuition and being comfortable in my skin - my feminine skin.

The feminine skin that was made to cover up because I would attract the wrong attention. The skin that was made to feel inferior because I don't have the same abilities as men.

Has anyone ever considered that I didn't necessarily want the same abilities as men?

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Being Who I Am


The skin that was supposed to save me because no self-respecting man would ever want an experienced woman. Here is the truth. Men don't care. I'm learning daily to never apologize for being who I am.
Being ultra-feminine has nothing to do with being a "girly-girl." A woman doesn't have to like or engage in all of the bells and whistles that are used to define femininity. Women were born with all that they need to stand in their versions of what femininity means.
Femininity comes from the heart space. It’s already pure; it listens and understands. It’s also about creation, intuition, community, sensuality, and collaboration.

I represent divine femininity.